Mark Aligbe


Who I Am

I enjoy working on complex systems; I find the challenge of breaking down an intricate system into smaller pieces and realizing the design intensely rewarding. Sometimes, I go the reverse, turning my once simple desktop into a mini-server, complete with RAID 5 and SSH, FTP, and HTTP access. When I am not programming or designing hardware, I may practice my cello or indulge my audiophilia.

About This Blog

This is a site where I write about my interests, which includes things I've done in the past, shows, movies, or books I've watched or read, or just thoughts that cross my mind, and I think that someone out there might sympathize. Some of the things you might find here:

  • Hardware projects
  • Software projects
  • Coding tidbits
  • Computer science tidbits
  • Anime reviews
  • Game thoughts
  • and so on…

Contact Me

If you want to reach out to me more directly than through comments, feel free to email me. You can also follow me on GitHub.